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Hey!Welcome to the base of Sketchy Productions!I'm Jordan, I'm pretty much the head of all of this.This is where we display all our movies, games, pictures, art, etc.We at Sketchy Productions are mainly about movie production.Every now and then, we'll host a new home-movie for everyone out there to watch!


Ok.  I've opened up a new forum where you can talk and show off your creativity.  Whether it be music,art,games, anything.  Go to and register.  I'm in need of members.  For some of the first new members, I'm giving away moderator powers! So hurry up.


Hey everyone.  Check out some of our new updates!!!


Ok, we now have our "official" advertisements!  Just copy these URLs and put it in your signature on a forum our something like that.  Remember to also put the link to our site on it also to advertise these.




Suggestions and Comments

Press the link above to e-mail us comments and suggstions,or just say hi!Or you can also host your videos with the link below,e-mail them to us,and if we like it, we'll put them in the collection!Don't worry,it will be under your credit of making it,not ours.Nothing bad people!